Discover the new way of building a home that has qualities unlike any
home you have ever lived in. Comfort, strength, and energy efficiency only
begin to tell the tale.  As you explore our site you will see the results of
nearly 50 years of research and innovation into Panel technology.  Todays
construction methods are evolving from the antiquated stick frame method
into the realm of system technology.

Stress Panel, Inc. started back in 1989 as the advantages of SIP systems
became known to more and more builders.  Soon our company couldn't
keep up with the growth and popularity of SIP Construction.  This led to
the building of a new facility in the mid 90's which has the capability to
manufacture everything needed for construction.

Through our site, you should be able find answers to all your questions,
and maybe even answers to questions you haven't thought of yet.  We
will show you the limitless design uses for Stress Panels, their incredible
efficiency ratings, as well as how strong they are and how quickly the
construction can be completed.  When you are through, you'll look at
every construction site a little different.  Discover qualities unlike any
other construction method you have ever seen before.
Stress Panel, Inc.--the better way to build.
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